Monday, October 30, 2006

JJ Dolan Memorial

So I had an interesting tournament in this g/45 event. I was definitely not adequately considering my opponents moves in all games which is why I blundered material in 3 different games, luckily I was playing down far enough that I had chances to recover except in my 4th round game against De Guzman where I actually missed a chance to continue, but still in serious trouble. Just a sign I need to slow down when thinking about my moves and also work on my tactics some more. My 3rd round game against an opponent who will remain nameless I managed to win an exchange with a nice opening novelty that Donaldson and I discovered during a lesson and he had negative compensation, but I played a few bad moves and then a terrible move which allowed my queen to get trapped. I was forced to sacrifice the queen and I had just a rook and 2 pawns for the queen, but some very light threats that could be stopped right away which my opponent managed not to do and instead opted for "safer" moves which kept threats for me, but to be fair was still completely winning for him, but I had continual mating threats and finally he made some mistakes and was in serious trouble and lost in short order, was one of my favorite re-swindles ever.

Estimated rating change: 2121->2130
A decent rating recover, time to continue hard work and not depending on incredible luck.

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