Saturday, September 30, 2006

Week 6 Monday Night Prediction

San Francisco Mechanics vs New York Knights

This is probably one of the most exciting Monday Night Matchups of the season. Two chess powerhouse cities face of in San Francisco vs New York. On board one we have Friedel - Charbonneau, Friedel is a really tough player to face, particularly when he has the white pieces. So far this season Charbonneau has whipped out the Classical Sicilian and the Dragon Sicilian, both of which seems suicidal to play against Friedel, I don't know what Charbonneau's going to try, but he'll be uncomfortable or in trouble likely, I give a big edge to Friedel here. On board 2 we have Krush - Bhat, Bhat had some nice preparation in week 1, but he holds the black pieces this week. Bhat is a solid player with excellent preparation, I don't know what we'll see this week, Krush can definitely fire with both guns, but I think all three results are possible. Board 3 we have Pruess- Molner, this has got to be a huge edge for the Mechanics with the rating edge and white. Board for we have Priman - Pinto, New York has the white pieces and the rating edge, but Pinto looked impressive in his debut this season and is undefeated in the league, the edge has to go to New York but don't rule anything out. I think the color matchups work out well for San Francisco this week and I particularly like the board 1 matchup for them, my prediction:
SF over NY 2.5-1.5

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