Monday, September 25, 2006

Rest of week 5 predictions

The rest of the week 5 predictions

Carolina Cobras v Boston Blitz:
Boston sending out what is probably their premier line-up and Carolina without Zaikov who is the current leader in the MVP races and is 4-0 so far in the league. Maybe it's specific preparation, but this doesn't seem to be their strongest lineup. I would definitely favor Boston.
Boston over Carolina 3-1

Philadelphia Masterminds v Baltimore Kingfishers
Philly has looked better and better each week and all without the return of their future board 1 star GM Jan Ehlvest who is in Europe for the first half of the season and still Baltimore has the nerve to send out a weakened line-up? Maybe I'm wrong, but I think Philly is looking GREAT this week. Please note that while they currently stand 0-4, they have scored exactly 1.5-2.5 every week, even against much stronger lineups.
Philly over Baltimore 3-1

Dallas Destiny v Miami Sharks:
Miami sending out the same line-up again which has done well for them in the league lately. I think these teams are a pretty close matchup in general, but I think Dallas will hurt missing out on GM Panchanthan on board one. However, Dallas' top few boards in this lineup are underrated I think due to having few USCF rated events, I think this tandem of Eastern European last names will serve them well. I think overall the balance is there, but certainly all 3 results are possible.
Dallas ties Miami 2-2

San Francisco v Tennessee Tempo:
San Francisco sending out a strong line-up this week giving Zilberstein a much needed week's rest after having consecutive weeks of tough games which lets them bring Pruess down to board 3 and the tough Naroditsky on board 4 to wrap up the lineup. Tennessee has grown more solid over the season (kind of) but somehow managed to turn what could have been a tie against Seattle last week into a 3.5-0.5 route which worked out well for my predictions not to do worse than the official prognosticators. Friedel finally gets white this week so I'm sure he's eager to show his attacking skill. I'll be modest in my predictions, but I'm hoping for a sweep anyways.
San Francisco over Tennessee 3-1

New York over Seattle 2.5-1.5
Boston over Carolina 3-1
Philly over Baltimore 3-1
Miami ties Dallas 2-2
San Francisco over Tennessee 3-1

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