Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Cal Chess Labor Day Championships

The result certainly wasn't great with 1.5/6 in the "master" section where I played 4 experts. I broke my new year's resolution of not accepting draws where only I was playing for a win where I took a draw thinking there was a perp for my opponent but in fact there is no perp and I'm winning. I played 4 experts who certainly did not play badly in our games and I had various interesting games. I lost many rating points, but I think the games will provide very interesting study material for myself. I also played my 3rd game in the ongoing Tuesday Night Marathon (TNM) at the mechanics institute where I pulled a swindle in a game where I was completely busted against an 1800, oh well, things like this happen, as long as I keep fighting, I'll give myself the most chances to recover. I have had a few nice swindles lately, unfortunately didn't manage to get any of those this weekend. Anyways, next week in the TNM I'll finally play up against a low master.

Rating change: 2137 -> 2116 :-(
Going to make my goals tougher.

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Anonymous said...

If I learned anything from that tournament, it's to be mindful of the Bxh7 or Bxh6 sac, and when it does happen, to realize that perhaps your opponent is full of it, and there really isn't a threat, and that in about 5 moves, I could be up a full piece.