Thursday, August 31, 2006

Mechanics "FIDE" Sumer '06 Group B

So this tournament seems to have lasted forever which makes sense as it was an 11 round, round-robin event where the games where played self-scheduled. The tournament as a whole isn't quite over, but almost done, but I'm done with all my games finishing an acceptable 7/11 after a pretty disasterous start, but a strong finish. I only had 3.5/7 after my first 7 games and probably had a clearly superior position in all seven of those games at some point, but that's chess sometimes. My goal was to get 3.5/4 for my last 4 which I met after a spectacular swindle in my last game where my opponent could have sacked his knight to go into a position where I had a lone bishop vs 3 pawns and he was completely winning, but a little low on time he decided to keep his knight on the board and even up a pawn he was the one fighting for a draw which he was unable to find. I had some very interesting games this tournament and some messy ones as well. It looks as if I'll get equal 3rd at worst and probably clear 3rd which is a result I can be happy with. I don't know how happy I am with my play this tournament, I showed some nice technique in a few games, but in this last game I showed quite the opposite. In fact, looking back now, all of my wins were in endgames with 2 or fewer pieces on the board. I probably should have had one more real win, but I botched what would have been a very nice game to destroy my chance of that.

The only real "quality" I showed this tournament was my ability to convert lost positions into winning positions which is not a useless skill at all, but one I prefer not to have to use that often. Hopefully I'll continue my recent good results this weekend in the Cal Chess Labor Day State Championship tournament where I will be playing up into the "Master Section" I hope to soon be a regular part of.

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