Saturday, June 17, 2006

William Addison Open

My first tournament since moving to San Francisco was a success, kind of. I will say it's nice to be able to walk less than half a mile to a chess tournament. It turns out I can play like absolute crap and miss tactics 1600s would find and still finish with a 2500 tournament performance rating by the USCF rating calculator. I had an amazing result in this G/45 tournament scoring 4.5/5 against an average opponent rating of over 2000 and defeating 2 masters in the process. I tied for first with IM De Guzman to net a share for the 1st-2nd overall prize money. I don't know really how to feel about this tournament. I don't feel like I'm playing well at all, it was G/45 and I certainly cannot argue with the result (although I missed a win in the game I drew). Either way I still know I have significant tactical practice that needs to be done, but if I can play this badly and net a cool 20+ rating points in every tournament I'll be in healthy shape.
I have a fairly big event coming up next weekend in the SCCF state championship qualifier that I hope to do well in. Wish me luck.

Estimated Rating Change: 2111->2138 WOOHOO

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