Friday, June 23, 2006

State Championship Candidates Tournament

There's the state championship candidates tournament this weekend. It's a 4 round FIDE rated swiss event. The top 4 finishers get a spot into the the closed state championship (this event is also qualification based for that matter). It's a pretty tough field. There basically a few low rated players, a ton of experts and a few masters. I'll need to play better than I have been lately to have a chance of qualifying, but I feel up to the task and I would love to do some more damage towards my master title. I decided to give myself a new goal that's a little more ambitious than making master by the end of the year. I played my first tournament game on October 12th, 2002 so I would like to break 2200 unofficially (or officially would be fine too) by October 12th, 2005. That probably gives me a handful of tournaments between now and then, should make it attainable, but not trivial.

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