Friday, March 03, 2006

US Ch Round 2 Mid-way results

Well, things have definitely changes on a few of those boards. Nakamura already drew with Kleiman, I believe their friends, but this was still a big result for Kleiman.

Elliot Liu is still undefeated through 2 rounds with another draw this round against Kaidanov. Two draws against 2 strong GMs, not bad Elliot, congrats. Friedel - De Firmian is also looking like it will be a draw, but Friedel is on the worse side of it now.

As a whole there have been a lot of draws this round and some early collapses. Kreiman collapsed exactly in the fashion I predicted as white. Played a sharp line in the Bg5 sicilian, it looked like Novikov might repeat moves and take a draw, but then he decided to play on and won quickly. Kamsky-Perelshteyn was a draw with Kamsky not playing too ambitiously as white. Muhammad drew again this round with black against Gulko, GMs not looking so unstoppable this tournament. Gonzalez actually beat Stripunsky despite my predictions of a draw so it looks like none of the top boards are getting easy matches which if this continues should prove for a very exciting championship.

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