Thursday, October 19, 2006

Week 8 Prediction Results

Phi over Car
Arun/JG +3

NY tie BOS
Arun +3
JG +0

Dal over Bal
Arun/ JG +0

SF over Tenn
JG +4
Arun +2

Sea over Miami
Arun +3
JG +0

This week:
Arun +11
JG +7

JG: 64 points
Arun: 49 points

[Update: I'll trust the official site since despite my math skills I am completley unable to do simple arithmetic. Damn all this math with no numbers.
The totals from the official site are:
Arun: 46 points
Ron: 42 points

If anybody finds an error in the addition of my points (preferably that brings it higher), let me know.]

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