Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Rest of Week 7 Predictions

Rest of Week 7 Predictions:

New York Knights vs Carolina Cobras:
This should be an interesting matchup. The Cobras have been struggling this season and really need to make a late push if they want a hope of getting a playoff spot. On board 1 Charbonneau has white against Milman, the last time these two matched up it was a disgusting slaughter by Charbonneau, this time he gets the white pieces, but sometimes it can be a little easier to prepare as black, still I must give the edge to Charbonneau here. Hoekstra-Krush on board 2 probably favors the more experienced Krush, but not by too much. On board 3 we have Bonin-Zaikov where I think it's close to a wash, Zaikov started hot, but got cooled by Philly last week, but as a whole the team did well to hold against Philadelphia. On 4th board again I think the slight edge goes to New York in Jones-Shahade. I think the key board in this match will likely be board 1. I think if Charbonneau wins, the match will almost certainly belong to New York.
New York over Carolina 3-1

Baltimore Kingfishers vs Philadelphia Masterminds
Again Jan Ehlvest is in the lineup which makes Philadephia a dangerous team. He's a very tricky player and can definitely put up the point as black. Baltimore was a team that Philly managed to beat even without Ehlvest and I'm personally of the opinion that they get good "rating-value" out of Costigan on board 3, but I think the match will be relatively close.
Philly over Baltimore 2.5-1.5

Tennessee Tempo vs Boston Blitz
Tennessee has had a tough season so far, meanwhile Boston doesn't seem to be holding too much back inthis week's lineup, things could really get ugly if Tennessee doesn't score some upsets. Boston looks to clinch or almost-clinch a playoff spot this week. I'm expecting a route here especially with the way Tennessee has shown their ability to collapse. Some of the Boston fans seemed to be upset with me picking them to lose this week, so I'll do them a favor this one...
Boston over Tennessee 3.5 - 0.5

San Francisco Mechanics vs Seattle Sluggers
Probably one of the most anticipated matches this season. The only undefeated team left in the league goes up against a tough Seattle team led by GM Serper. Friedel has the white pieces this week, but Serper knows his systems well, I think this will be a close encounter with all 3 results possible. Board 2 features Tangborn - Bhat. Tangborn has been featuring the English so far this season, but Bhat seems to know his defenses as black quite well, I think this one is probably also a wash, but if anyone has a slight edge I think it's Bhat. Board 3 is Pruess - Mikhailuk, I only recently met Pruess, but I can tell you he is unhappy with anything less than a win no matter who his opponent is, but his opponent this week is a tough one in FM Mikhailuk, but I think the edge has to go to Pruess when he's holding the white pieces. On board 4 we have a youngster matchup in Lee - Shankland. Shankland is a fighting player, but Lee has been a tough nut to crack this season. I think Shankland will come out with something to prove and the edge has to go to him with his killer instinct and higher rating.
San Francisco over Seattle 2.5-1.5

[Update: Mikhailuk is moving up to Board 2 and Readey is on Board 3, I think this makes San Francisco a lot more solid in my prediction likely wavering between 2.5 and 3 instead of 2.5 and 2, so I'm updating my pick for San Francisco to win 3-1]

Dal over Mia 2.5-1.5 (already wrong)
NY over Car 3-1
Phi over Bal 2.5-1.5
Bos over Tenn 3.5-0.5
SF over Sea 2.5-1.5 [Updated SF over Sea 3-1 due to changed Sea roster]

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