Saturday, March 18, 2006

Octos Results

Well, I have a very successful tournament today. My first game I won a game against Danyul Lawrence (2037) where I got a little lucky his attack didn't work out. In the second game I was pair as white against Ilya Serpik (2311) who I actually had a 1-0 record against having black that game. This time I had white. I was clearly better out of the opening so he offered me a draw on move 10 and like a wuss, I accepted a draw since I was playing 200 points up and it was still far from a guaranteed win. Last round I was paired against a good friend Mike Zaloznyy who was in bad form this tournament and that bad form continued against me as he dropped a piece right out of the opening on the white side of a french exchange. To be fair, my position was already preferable, but it was still quite helpful.

After this tournament I'm expecting to gain between 16 and 19 points. I estimate I'll be 2128 after this tournament. 17 more points towards masterdom. Makes sense as I had a 2456!!!!! performance rating.

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